Blueberry yam mud, no oven, no kitchen skills, no spices, so simple that children can complete it. It tastes sour and sweet. It can not only be used as dessert, but also as a cold dish before dinner. It’s appetizing and delicious!


300g yam
A little blueberry jam


Step 1
Peel yam and cut into pieces

Step 2
Steam in a pot. I steamed it while cooking in a pressure cooker. It's completely cooked. If the ordinary pot is steamed for about 15 minutes, you can try it with chopsticks

Step 3
Steamed yams are pressed back into mud with a spoon. This step of ripening is easy to operate

Step 4
Take out the yam mud with a ball digger and buckle it on the plate into a ball. It's also very simple without a ball digger. You can use a spoon, a flower mounting bag, or other tools to put it in your favorite shape and pour blueberry sauce on the yam ball.