Babao rice is the traditional name of Han nationality and the food custom of Laba Festival. It is popular all over the country, especially in Jiangnan. The formula is similar everywhere. Basically, the glutinous rice is steamed, mixed with sugar, oil and osmanthus, poured into an appliance containing red jujube, job’s tears, lotus seeds, longan and other fruit materials, and then poured with sugar brine after steaming. It tastes sweet and is a good product for festivals and hospitality.


500g blood glutinous rice
450g red bean paste
50g peanut oil
50g white granulated sugar
20G red and green silk
15g melon seed kernel
20G raisins
30g jujube (seedless)
20G walnut meat
20G red jujube


Step 1
Wash the blood glutinous rice and soak it in cold water for four or five hours

Step 2
Put it in a pot and cook for an hour

Step 3
Stir in white granulated sugar and peanut oil

Step 4
Prepare a bowl, cover with plastic wrap (heat-resistant), and place all kinds of nuts, preserved fruits and red and green silk

Step 5
Spread a layer of blood glutinous rice and flatten it with a spoon

Step 6
Then spread red and green silk, melon seeds and raisins around the bowl

Step 7
Then spread a layer of blood glutinous rice (not too much) around the bowl

Step 8
Add red kidney bean paste filling

Step 9
Then cover it with blood glutinous rice

Step 10
And use a scraper to compact and trowel, and put it into the refrigerator after cooling