I don’t know if this kind of food is seasonal, because we only sell it in the market in May, June and July every year. If we see it occasionally in the market, the cat will buy some and go home to enjoy it. The most common way to eat at home is blanching, light and crisp. It’s very delicious. As the name suggests, green gourd is a very small green gourd with a small yellow flower. All of them can be eaten. Just rinse them and blanch them in boiling water. There is no waste at all.


350 grams of cucumber flower
10 g ginger
10g garlic
Proper amount of oil
0.5 tsp salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tbsp soy sauce
0.5 TSP oyster sauce


Step 1
Wash the cucumber flower (don't rub it vigorously to avoid damaging the melon body and flower), shred the ginger and chop the garlic

Step 2
Heat the oil in the pan until it is 50% hot. Add minced garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 3
Pour in a proper amount of soy sauce and stir fry it to make it fragrant. Pay attention to the fire. If the fire is too big, garlic is easy to paste. Soy sauce is also easy to paste and has bitter taste

Step 4
Add a spoonful of boiling water and bring to a boil. Add oyster sauce and sugar

Step 5
Finally, put in the shredded ginger, then leave the fire and set aside. (usually, most of my vegetables are white, so this kind of juice can be made more at a time, but the amount of each time should not exceed three days

Step 6
Bring the soup pot to a boil, add salt, sugar and oil, and then put the cucumber flowers in

Step 7
As soon as it changes color, it can be fished out and drained

Step 8
Put it on the plate, pour on the sauce and serve