Black glutinous rice stuffed pig large intestine Huaihua soup


500g pig large intestine
100g purple glutinous rice
100g black beans
50g Sophora japonica flower
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
After washing black beans and black glutinous rice, soak them in water for 5 hours

Step 2
After buying the pig's large intestine, turn it inside, remove the dirty and sticky layer of pig paste, wash it with coarse salt three times, and then turn it back and wash it twice with coarse salt on the surface until you don't feel sticky and slippery in your hand. This step takes the most time

Step 3
Wash the locust flowers and set aside

Step 4
After boiling a pot of water in the soup pot, pour in the Sophora japonica flower, which immediately becomes the color of Sophora japonica flower, and then let it boil over a low heat for a while. At this time, you can brew pig large intestine

Step 5
Cut the pig's large intestine into sections about 20 cm long

Step 6
Prepare several white sewing threads and tie one end tightly

Step 7
At this time, you can brew black beans and black glutinous rice. Remember not to make it full. Just one-third, or no more than one-half at most. Then tie the other end tightly with a thread and massage the rice beans to ensure uniform distribution inside

Step 8
In this way, other pig large intestine segments are filled with black bean glutinous rice

Step 9
Then you can put it directly into the bottom of Huaihua soup, which has been cooked for a while, and add a few slices of ginger at the same time

Step 10
Boil over high heat for 20 minutes, turn to low heat for 80 minutes, and then put a small amount of salt

Step 11
Pick up the pig's large intestine and see the rising

Step 12
Carefully cut into small sections of 2 or 3 cm. It's good to eat with soy sauce

Step 13
A soup with rice and pig large intestine

Step 14
There is also delicious old fire soup to drink. This soup is very troublesome to make, but one soup has three flavors and has many effects. It is worth making by bean relatives