Potstickers are known as the real delicious snacks in every corner of Shanghai. They are simple and nutritious. People who like potstickers know that they must have thin skin and more fillings. Take a bite. The fillings are also mixed with soup. The bottom is crisp. Dip in vinegar to improve the taste and relieve the greasiness. It’s best to match with a bowl of curry beef soup. I made it at home. I added black fungus to the meat stuffing, mainly to lure families who refuse to eat black fungus. The black fungus is finely chopped, and the taste is almost the same as that of pure pork. You can try it if you like.


500g dumpling skin
10g (black) fungus
400g minced pork
3 g salt
A little scallion
30g fresh soy sauce
15g yellow rice wine
1 egg
A little sesame oil
20G oil


Step 1
Add egg salt to the minced pork, mix well, then add rice wine, fresh soy sauce and scallion. Stir clockwise to make it sticky. Soak the black fungus with water and pick it and wash it

Step 2
Put the black fungus into the meat grinder and stir it into fine powder. You can also chop it into fine powder with a knife

Step 3
Pour black fungus into minced pork, add a little sesame oil and stir well. Adding sesame oil can remove the taste of black fungus

Step 4
Prepare dumpling skin. I'm lazy. I bought dumpling skin. I can also make my own

Step 5
Take a dumpling skin, fold half of the skin into folds, add stuffing, and then close and pinch it tightly

Step 6
Wrap it all up

Step 7
Pour oil into the pot, warm the oil, and leave some gaps in each

Step 8
Fry until the bottom is yellowish and pour in water

Step 9
Cover and dry the water inside

Step 10
Then sprinkle with scallions, fry the bottom until crispy, and turn off the fire