Recently, the climate is dry. I always want to eat some food to dispel fire. Balsam pear is the best choice. When it comes to balsam pear, many people are afraid of its bitterness. In fact, it’s not too bitter if it’s made properly. What I remember is a little friend I met many years ago. In order to lose weight, I squeezed balsam pear juice raw. At that time, I was curious and tasted it. It was probably the bitterest balsam pear I had ever eaten. There was no one. My WeChat official account love your little buddy.


1 balsam pear
1 Beauty pepper
10g scallion
2G pepper
10 g oil
Proper amount of salt
1g chicken essence
1g white granulated sugar


Step 1
Wash and cut balsam pear into 4 pieces and remove the pulp

Step 2
Cut the balsam pear into thin slices after removing the pulp

Step 3
Shredded scallion

Step 4
Boil water in a hot pot, add an appropriate amount of salt and white vinegar, add balsam pear after the water boils, and remove the balsam pear before the next boiling

Step 5
Pass the cold water twice

Step 6
Put oil in the hot pot, put a little pepper, fry it slowly over low heat, turn off the fire and remove the pepper

Step 7
Wash and shred bell pepper

Step 8
After controlling the water, add shredded green onion, shredded pepper, salt, chicken essence, white granulated sugar and fried pepper oil