Balsam pear is the best food for clearing heat in summer. The most common food is cold balsam pear, which is easy and refreshing.


1 bitter gourd
150g pork stuffing
15 ml edible oil
10 ml oyster sauce
10 grams of sugar
5g salt
15 ml vinegar
10 g starch


Step 1
Clean the balsam pear;

Step 2
Cut into uniform width segments;

Step 3
Remove the inner flesh of balsam pear;

Step 4
Put the bitter gourd ring into the container, and pad potato chips or carrot chips on the bottom;

Step 5
The balsam pear circle is filled with pig meat stuffing made in advance, and pressed tightly;

Step 6
Do everything one by one;

Step 7
Put a little oil in the pot, put the balsam pear brewed meat into the pot and fry it over low heat;

Step 8
Turn one side over and fry the other side;

Step 9
Take a bowl and pour in oyster sauce;

Step 10
Add vinegar;

Step 11
Put in refined salt;

Step 12
Add a little sugar;

Step 13
Pour the mixed juice on the balsam pear;

Step 14
Slowly collect juice;

Step 15
Sprinkle with a little water and starch;

Step 16
Thicken the soup in a big fire. Turn off the fire and you can get out of the pot.