Duck meat is really inexpensive. This fat and thin duck leg costs 10 yuan a kilo, which is much cheaper than pork.


2 duck legs
2 carrots
1 can of beer
Several crystal sugar
1 section of scallion
2 cloves garlic
1 star anise
1 ginger
Proper amount of salt
Proper soy sauce


Step 1
Clean the duck legs;

Step 2
two Cut duck legs into small pieces;

Step 3
Boil in a warm water pot for two minutes, remove and drain the water for standby;

Step 4
Cut carrots into small hob pieces for standby;

Step 5
Pour a little oil into the wok, put the scallion section, ginger slices, garlic and star anise into the wok, and stir over low heat to fry the flavor;

Step 6
Put the rock sugar in, don't fry out the caramel color, just to freshen it;

Step 7
Put the drained duck pieces into the pot and stir fry over medium low heat;

Step 8
Put a tin of beer into the pot, cover the lid and simmer slowly over a low heat;

Step 9
When the duck reaches its favorite taste, put the carrot into the pot, pour a little soy sauce and salt, mix evenly and stew for about 10 minutes.