Slippery egg beef is a famous dish of Han nationality in Guangdong. It is one of the most distinctive dishes in Guangdong cuisine. Slippery egg beef takes beef as the main material. It is a domestic dish in Guangdong. The finished dish is light yellow in color, fresh and smooth in meat and rich in egg aroma


200g beef (tenderloin)
3 eggs
1 tbsp cooking wine
0.5 tbsp soy sauce
1 teaspoon pepper
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
0.5 tbsp tender meat powder
1 tablespoon water
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Slice the beef with a top knife. Choose a bigger egg

Step 2
Put soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, pepper, tender meat powder, cooking wine and sugar into the beef and marinate it for about 20 minutes.

Step 3
Knock the eggs into a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt, and stir them up completely for standby.

Step 4
Cool the oil in a hot pot. The oil is a little wider. Pour in the beef, stir it up quickly, change color and remove it.

Step 5
Let the beef cool and mix well with the egg liquid. Continue to heat the pot, cool the oil and slide it away quickly. The eggs are cooked.