Sauce beef is a good dish for drinking. Of course, it’s delicious not to drink.


1000g bovine tendon
35g Douchi mushroom sauce
2-stage scallion
4 garlic
2 slices of ginger
2 red peppers
15 pepper
1 octagonal
2 g salt
15ml soy sauce
1 garlic
15ml vinegar
10ml raw extract
15 ml red oil


Step 1
Soak the tendon in cold water for more than 2 hours, and change the water several times until the water becomes clear.

Step 2
Prepared these spices and mushroom Douchi sauce. This kind of Douchi sauce is slightly spicy, just suitable for my family's taste. If you like spicy, you can marinate it with some pepper.

Step 3
Put the spices into the electric pressure cooker. You can also use the brine bag to pack the seasoning. Just look at your habits.

Step 4
Add enough water, mushrooms, Douchi sauce, salt and, rock sugar, soy sauce and other seasonings, and stir well.

Step 5
Add beef tendon. The amount of water should be less than beef. Add enough water at one time.

Step 6
Zhongjing Douchi hot sauce, with this sauce.

Step 7
The pressure cooker selects beef and stews. Then you can play. When the time comes, the delicious food will be presented automatically.

Step 8
Don't take out the stewed beef. Soak it in the soup for several hours to make the beef taste fully. Moreover, during the cooling process, the stewed beef will become more compact and difficult to cut.

Step 9
9. Soak the flavored beef, slice it, put it on a plate, and decorate it with coriander. It's also delicious to eat empty. Dipping in hot and sour garlic juice is a good dish for wine.