Cooking directly with soy sauce reflects the delicacy of beef and mushrooms


500g beef brisket
25g brown sugar
25g mushroom
20G yellow rice wine
15g salad oil
60g soy sauce
3 G vinegar
300g boiled water


Step 1
500g beef Nan meat, washed and cut into pieces

Step 2
Wash mushrooms and soak with 40g warm water

Step 3
Boil Niunan meat in cold water to remove blood water. Pour the blood water into Panasonic high pressure cooker and add 300g of hot water and vinegar. Remember, be sure to use hot water, because boiled meat will shrink when encountering cold water. Vinegar can speed up the fast cooking of Niunan meat

Step 4
Add 25g Lentinus edodes, 25g brown sugar, 20g yellow rice wine, 15g salad oil, 60g soy sauce, boil and press in a pressure cooker for 15-20 minutes

Step 5
Coming out of the pot