This dish is a very delicious dish recognized by the public. In fact, if this dish wants to be delicious, there are three important points: one is the old soup, the other is the spices, and the other is the better quality of the meat. As we all know, old soup tastes stronger and stronger when it is used repeatedly; Spices must be used for sauce or stewed food. There are secret recipes for really delicious sauce and stewed meat. There are often 20 or 30 kinds of spices; Sauce beef is delicious. It must be better to choose meat. We should choose high-quality beef tendon meat.


1250g bovine tendon
50g salt
60g rock sugar
1 small piece of ginger
Five octagons
40 pepper
1 cinnamon
3 dried peppers
6 fragrant leaves
1 grass fruit
6 Amomum villosum
3 white cardamom
1 small piece of galangal
2 bar graphs
3 pieces of Angelica dahurica
2 pieces of ginger
1 orange peel
50g yellow rice wine
100g soy sauce
50g yellow sauce
1 green onion
1 handful of fennel


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients: I chose the anterior tendon. There are many anterior tendons, which tastes better

Step 2
Cut off the impurities and dirt on the surface with a knife, soak it in cold water for 2 hours, change the water several times in the middle, and take out the drained water for standby

Step 3
Slice ginger and scallion, set aside

Step 4
Put the spice bag and beef in the pot and add water before the beef

Step 5
Skim off the foam when the water boils

Step 6
Put another 100 grams of soybean soy sauce. Slowly put the soy sauce and keep the water boiling, so that the raw flavor of the soy sauce can be boiled off

Step 7
Then add 50g yellow rice wine, scallion, ginger slices, 50g yellow sauce, 50g salt and 60g rock sugar

Step 8
Turn the heat down and simmer for two to three hours until it can be easily pierced with chopsticks

Step 9
The beef is thoroughly dried and then cut. The knife is perpendicular to the beef texture. It is thin and thick at will. It is neatly stacked on the plate. It can also be dipped in a bowl of juice