The family likes to eat the sauce beef outside. In order to be healthy, they want to make it by themselves. They have done it several times, and the more they do, the more delicious it is


500g beef tendon
Proper raw extract
2 fragrant leaves
Some pepper
2 cloves garlic
Some pepper
Appropriate amount of bean paste or barbecue sauce


Step 1
Take out the beef from the refrigerator and place it for a while. After the ice melts, wash the beef, dry it slightly, cut several large pieces, put them in a large bowl and wrap them well with bean paste

Step 2
Put some pepper, chopped garlic and crumpled fragrant leaves into the bowl, then pour in an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce (the height of soy sauce is half that of beef), and mix all the ingredients well

Step 3
The refrigerator is sealed and placed in the fresh-keeping cabinet for more than an hour. I usually put it for half a day or one night. It tastes good for a long time

Step 4
Pour all the ingredients in the bowl into the casserole, pour an appropriate amount of water into the casserole, submerge the beef with water, boil it over a high fire, stew it over a low fire until the soup is thick or less, turn off the fire and wait a moment, take out the beef, air it, slice it and put it on a plate