500g beef
4 eggs
Proper amount of rock sugar
1 cinnamon
1 fragrant leaf
1 ginger
5 cloves garlic
10g cooking wine
1 small handful of pepper
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Soak the beef in cold water all night in advance. Bloodless water

Step 2
Ginger slices. Pepper. Fragrant leaves. Sichuan Pepper. Meat bandit. Cinnamon. Garlic.

Step 3
Soy sauce. Corn oil. Haitian soybean paste. Salt. Cooking wine. Rock sugar.

Step 4
Put cold water into the pot. Soak the beef. Add ginger slices. And cooking wine. Go fishy. Boil.

Step 5
Boiled beef. It's full of blood foam. Take it out with a spoon.

Step 6
Remove the blood foam.

Step 7
Put water in the pressure cooker. Pepper. Fragrant leaves. Big stuff. Ginger slices. Garlic. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Add the boiled eggs

Step 8
Add the boiled beef

Step 9
Add soy sauce

Step 10
Add Haitian soybean paste

Step 11
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 12
Add rock sugar

Step 13
Salt bar

Step 14
Corn oil

Step 15
Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 16
Cover the pressure cooker. Breathe for 10 minutes. Out of the pot. It's better to soak in the pot all night.