500g beef tendon
10g raw soy sauce
1 small handful of pepper
3 G fennel seeds
1 octagonal
1 cinnamon
5-6 fragrant leaves
1 ginger
Proper orange peel
5 grams of soy sauce
10g cooking wine


Step 1
Wash the raw beef and cut it into pieces. Cook in a boiling water pot for three minutes. Remove and set aside

Step 2
Wash the ingredients and cut them for standby

Step 3
Just fill the pot with water, just submerge the beef, and put in the seasoning

Step 4
Boil over high heat for 20 minutes, add salt and simmer over low heat for another 40 minutes

Step 5
Use chopsticks to prick the cooked beef. It's good if you can prick it gently