Curry dishes are very delicious. Curry powder is usually prepared at home. Stewed chicken and beef brisket are commonly used, especially the soup with coconut fragrance. Rice and noodles are delicious.


800g beef brisket
2 potatoes
1 / 2 carrots
100ml concentrated coconut milk
2 tbsp satay sauce
Proper oil
4 g salt
1 packet of curry powder
Proper amount of water
A little chicken powder


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Wash beef brisket and cut into small pieces

Step 3
Boil an appropriate amount of water and pour in the brisket

Step 4
Remove and rinse

Step 5
Put the beef brisket flying over the water into the electric pressure cooker and add clean water that has not crossed the surface of the ingredients

Step 6
Cover the pot, turn on the power, select the stew key, and press it for 25 minutes

Step 7
Peel and wash potatoes and carrots respectively, and cut them into hob pieces

Step 8
In a hot pot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, stir fry carrots for a while

Step 9
Pour in potato chips and continue to stir fry until the surface of the ingredients is burnt yellow

Step 10
Add the cooked beef brisket soup

Step 11
Cover the pot and simmer for 15 minutes

Step 12
Pour in the cooked beef brisket

Step 13
Mix in satay sauce

Step 14
Pour in coconut milk and stir well

Step 15
Add curry powder, mix well and bring to a boil

Step 16
Add salt, chicken powder and stir well