It’s getting colder and colder. I cook a pot of hot soup every day to warm my stomach and body


100g stewed beef
50g sweet potato vermicelli
50g cabbage
10 quail eggs
4 tribute pills
30g dry silk
A little fungus
A spoonful of salt
Proper amount of soy sauce


Step 1
Soak vermicelli in cold water

Step 2
Soak Auricularia auricula in cold water, cook quail eggs, remove shell, wash dried silk, wash cabbage, prepare marinated beef slices

Step 3
Take the casserole and put the shredded cabbage on the bottom

Step 4
Add dried silk, quail eggs, agaric, meatballs, sweet potato vermicelli and beef

Step 5
Add water without ingredients

Step 6
Bring to a boil

Step 7
Add salt and soy sauce,

Step 8
Turn the heat down and cook for three minutes