Now it’s the twelfth lunar month. People feel tired of eating big fish and meat every day. It’s really appetizing to eat fresh and nutritious seafood and vegetables, plus high protein bean skin


1000g Qingkou
1 bean skin
150g cabbage
10g fresh chicken juice
5g sesame oil
3 G cooking wine
5g starch
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Pour the bought Qingkou into the basin and rinse the impurities with clean water.

Step 2
Clean the green mouth, put it into the pot and boil over high heat to turn off the fire.

Step 3
After the cooked Qingkou is stripped of the meat, remove the fibers from the internal organs.

Step 4
After all the green mouths are cleaned in turn, rinse the green mouth meat for standby.

Step 5
Remove the root of the cabbage, soak it in water for a while, and then rinse it.

Step 6
After the bean skin is washed with clean water, cut it into strips with a knife without cutting it too fine.

Step 7
Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and boil it. Blanch the bean skin until it becomes soft. Remove and drain the water.

Step 8
In another pot, pour an appropriate amount of water, add green meat, and pour cooking wine to remove the fishy smell of seafood.

Step 9
At this time, pour fresh chicken juice into the pot.

Step 10
After the fire boils, add an appropriate amount of salt to taste according to your personal taste.

Step 11
After boiling over high heat, continue to cook for 2 minutes. Thicken the starch melted in advance. Don't thicken it too thick.

Step 12
Add washed cabbage,

Step 13
After the fire boils, sprinkle with sesame oil.

Step 14
Turn off the fire when you see that the cabbage is broken and discolored.

Step 15
Put the boiled bean skin into your favorite bowl.

Step 16
Top the bean skin with cabbage and green mouth meat, and pour an appropriate amount of soup.