The authentic northeast dish – stewed beans with pancake, without too many fancy spices, ensures the home flavor of the dishes.


Two bowls of flour
Proper boiling water
A teaspoon of salt (added to the cake)
A piece of lean meat in the front slot
700g beans
2 potatoes
A few slices of ginger
3 pepper
A spoonful of bean paste
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Flour + boiled water + salt

Step 2
And form a smooth soft dough. Wake up for a while.

Step 3
Deal with beans and potatoes when you wake up.

Step 4
Prepare lean meat, ginger and pepper

Step 5
Take out the awakened dough and brush a thin layer of salad oil on the chopping board.

Step 6
Divide the dough into 8 parts, wake up for a while, and then start frying beans.

Step 7
Add oil to the pot and heat it up

Step 8
Add lean meat, ginger slices and pepper granules

Step 9
Stir fry until the lean meat changes color, add beans and stir fry.

Step 10
Add bean paste and stir fry evenly until the beans are soft and wilted. Add salt and monosodium glutamate

Step 11
Add some water and bring to a boil.

Step 12
Take a preparation, roll it into a circle, and brush a thin layer of salad oil.

Step 13
Then cover it with the second layer of medicine cake, then apply a thin layer of oil, and then cover the third layer, and so on.

Step 14
Put potatoes under the boiling water

Step 15
Put cakes on the potatoes, cover and stew.

Step 16
Until the juice is collected.

Step 17
Cake out of the pot

Step 18
Beans out of the pot

Step 19
Stewed beans with pancake

Step 20
There are ribs in the restaurant.

Step 21