Bean Bun is a kind of steamed food with yellow rice (big yellow rice or small yellow rice) noodles as the skin and bean paste or red beans as the filling. It usually appears in northern China.


Water milled glutinous rice flour 520g glutinous rice flour
150g red beans
400 g warm water


Step 1
Mix glutinous rice flour with warm water and form a ball. Relax for 5 minutes. (water milled glutinous rice flour bought now)

Step 2
Rub the loose glutinous rice balls into long strips, divide them into small portions, and then rub them into a circle.

Step 3
Take a glutinous rice ball, flatten it with two hands, sort it out a little, and add red beans.

Step 4
Close the mouth, put it on the hand support and rub it round, (you can't rub it on the panel, it will break. I bought this red bean online, which is very soft, sweet but not greasy. Interested friends can also make it by themselves)

Step 5
Put into a steamer and steam in cold water for 25 minutes.