Pork is the meat we often eat, whether it is fried, roasted or fried, or cold, all super delicious. For example, huiguorou, xianshaobai, Dongpo, Xisha, garlic white, Korean roasted pork and so on. Take any one out and let the people flow out_ ∩)O~~


500g pork
1 / 2 cucumber
1 small piece of ginger
4 garlic
Three millet peppers
1 green onion
4 spoonfuls of soy sauce
2 teaspoons vinegar
2 tablespoons oil and pepper
1 teaspoon salt


Step 1
Prepared ingredients: pork, cucumber, ginger, garlic, millet, onion;

Step 2
Wash pork, put into casserole, pour in water;

Step 3
Then put in 2 pieces of ginger, medium heat, turn to low heat, until the pork can be inserted with chopsticks, turn off the fire;

Step 4
Wash cucumber, wipe silk;

Step 5
Chop ginger and garlic; Millet hot cut circle; Cut the scallion flowers;

Step 6
Take an empty bowl: stir in the right amount of soy sauce, vinegar, salt, oil, spicy, stir evenly;

Step 7
After the pork is cooked, it is fished out (the hair on the pork is more, and the fresh meat is not easy to handle, so it is processed after being cooked);

Step 8
Clip the hair off the pork with tweezers, and then cut it into thin slices;

Step 9
Put shredded cucumber in the middle of the plate;

Step 10
Place five flower meat slices, sprinkle with seasoning, sprinkle with ginger and garlic, spicy millet and scallion【 It's ready.