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Among 10 chicken wings
45g roasted sauce
1 tbsp passion fruit


Step 1
Spare ingredients

Step 2
After washing the chicken wings, cut 2 knives on the back for taste

Step 3
Put it into a bowl, pour in fish sauce and roast sauce, and shake well

Step 4
Add passion fruit and massage for a while

Step 5
Cover and marinate for more than 4 hours

Step 6
Take out the chicken wings and row them one by one to the grill. Brush a layer of marinated sauce on the surface

Step 7
Send it to the middle and upper layer of the preheated oven: select the full power high fire baking function of the upper tube, and the temperature is 220 ℃

Step 8
Take out after 10 minutes: brush the surface with marinated sauce and honey

Step 9
Turn over: Brush pickled sauce and honey and send them to the oven to continue

Step 10
Bake for 10 minutes and then remove. Continue to brush with marinade and honey

Step 11
Put it in the oven and bake for about 5 minutes

Step 12
Bake until you like it. Take it out