I was lucky to get the Hawthorn provided by overlord supermarket. When I told the news to the two young masters, I was very happy. I kept telling me the name of the dish. First, I’ll have a hard dish to deal with the two young masters.


10 Hawthorn
500g streaky pork
40g peanut oil
2 g salt
20G raw soy sauce
20G cooking wine
10g oyster sauce
1 gram of soy sauce
1 octagonal
1 cinnamon
1 ginger
20G crushed rock sugar


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Wash the Hawthorn and remove the stem and Hawthorn Seeds with a corer

Step 3
Peel ginger and wash, and wash star anise cinnamon

Step 4
Blanch pork in cold water for ten minutes, remove and rinse the floating oil, cut into large pieces, and control the water content

Step 5
Pour oil into the hot pot and put rock sugar (there should be no water in the pot, otherwise it will splash oil)

Step 6
Boil over medium low heat until brownish red and bubbling

Step 7
Add pork and stir well

Step 8
Add hawthorn, star anise, cinnamon and ginger

Step 9
Pour in oyster sauce and stir well

Step 10
Pour in soy sauce and stir well

Step 11
After the meat is evenly colored

Step 12
Pour in hot water and simmer over medium low heat for 40 minutes

Step 13
Sprinkle salt and stir well

Step 14
Heat the soup until it thickens, and then it can be out of the pot

Step 15
Bowl of rice

Step 16
Enjoy it

Step 17

Step 18

Step 19