When I was a child, it was a luxury to eat daoxiangcun’s barbecued pork. Daoxiangcun’s barbecued pork was small pieces, and then bought them and cut them into pieces. When I ate them, I chewed them slowly, because I was afraid that I would finish them in a moment. I like the sweet and fragrant feeling, which is a kind of memory. Now I eat meat with big mouthfuls, even if it’s barbecued pork, I hate to eat it with two mouthfuls, But I can’t get rid of that childhood memory!


300g pork fillet
1 orange


Step 1
Choose the top pork loin and chop the meat with the back of the knife for relaxation and seasoning

Step 2
Brush the pork with orange juice, then sprinkle a little white pepper, turmeric powder, garlic powder, then brush barbecue sauce, give the pork mashed chicken to make it tasty

Step 3
Oven 200 degrees, bake 20-30 minutes, depending on the number of meat, and finally the meat surface coated with a little honey to brighten