Fujian Minxi eight dried foods are very famous, including dried meat shops. The two children love to eat this dried food most. When the children saw that Changdi cktf-32gs oven was used this time, they always asked me to make dried meat shop. Ask a friend to send a list of dried ingredients in the butcher’s shop. It’s actually very simple. Send the children to kindergarten. I turned to the market and selected the leg meat to dry in the butcher’s shop. With the cktf-32gs fan, the dry meat in the butcher’s shop is relatively uniform without local scorching.


250g pork leg
2G black pepper
10g sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp less raw
15g honey
Cooking wine 1 tbsp
Half soup spoon steamed fish drum oil


Step 1
Ingredients: 250g pork leg, appropriate amount of black pepper, 1 egg, 15g honey, 1 tablespoon cooking wine, 1 tablespoon raw soy sauce, less steamed fish drum oil and half a tablespoon sugar

Step 2
Wash and chop the meat into minced meat. Pour in sugar

Step 3
Pour in cooking wine

Step 4
Pour in steamed fish drum oil

Step 5
Pour in raw soy sauce

Step 6
Pour in black pepper

Step 7
Beat in the eggs and stir well (completely into the meat)

Step 8
Finally, I forgot to take pictures with honey and water