My son likes to eat all kinds of snacks with stuffing, especially meat. Dumplings, wonton, steamed stuffed bun. Steamed stuffed buns are my favorite. I eat steamed stuffed buns one or two days in the kindergarten week. When I pick him up, I usually ask, what’s for dinner? If it was steamed stuffed buns, he would be very happy to tell me that he had eaten several steamed stuffed buns. If you eat a meal you don’t like, be silent and pretend not to hear. Of all the steamed stuffed buns, barbecued pork is the one he can’t get tired of. There is no barbecue bag in the kindergarten, but I do it at home. In about two weeks, I buy two kilograms of pork and bake a pot of barbecue. With two catties of noodles, you can basically make more than 30 barbecued pork bags. At this time, children will say, “Wow, I like the barbecued bun made by my mother best. It’s sweet. I like it best.”. Although I say that every time, I feel very happy every time.


1000g streaky pork
800g flour
100g barbecue sauce
About 380g-400g water
100g sugar
50g honey
20G raw soy sauce
10g soy sauce (1 tbsp)
20G ginger powder
2 tbsp minced garlic
Proper amount of salt
Half an onion
4 chives
3 ginger slices
5g yeast


Step 1
Please see this for the list of specific ingredients:

Step 2
The cured meat is spread on the baking net. Remember to put tin foil on the barbecue. The oven is preheated 210 degrees in advance and the upper and lower tubes. Bake for about 30 minutes, color change and micro coke on both sides.

Step 3
Cut the roasted meat into diced meat and set aside.

Step 4
Next, make barbecue sauce, stir fry a pan with an appropriate amount of edible oil and sesame oil, add onions, ginger slices and chives, and burst out the fragrance

Step 5
Fill 2 bowls of water. 2 tbsp raw soy sauce, 1 tbsp old soy sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, appropriate amount of sugar. And pickled sauce. Boil over low heat for a few minutes. Remove the onion, chives and ginger slices.

Step 6
Thicken with two tablespoons of water starch. (the amount of starch depends on the situation. Just make the sauce thick)

Step 7
Pour the cooked sauce into the Diced Pork. Mix well. allow to cool

Step 8
Make steamed stuffed bun skin with flour. Add 800g flour and 100g sugar. Melt yeast with warm water in advance and pour it into the flour. Then slowly pour warm water or milk into the flour. Stir the chopsticks into flocs. Then knead it into a smooth dough. Cover with a damp cloth and ferment until twice as large.

Step 9
After the dough is fermented, continue kneading for a while to exhaust the air, and then pull it into small dough of about 35g each. Flatten it, roll it into thick dough in the middle and thin dough next to it, and scoop in the barbecue stuffing. Carry the bag in your own way.

Step 10
Put the steamed stuffed bun embryo into the steamer. Continue to ferment in warm water for about 15 minutes. Fire and steam for about 10 minutes.