Milk yellow bag, also known as milk emperor bag by Cantonese, is one of the common package points in Cantonese teahouses and is deeply loved by Cantonese people.


250g flour
80 ml pure milk
5g yeast powder
50g white granulated sugar
3 eggs
30 ml condensed milk
10g raw meal
50g Chengfen
20G butter


Step 1
Take two eggs, add white granulated sugar and stir manually until the sugar melts.

Step 2
Pour the milk into the egg and stir well by hand.

Step 3
Sift all the powder in and stir into a slurry.

Step 4
Put the butter into the egg paste at room temperature.

Step 5
Finally, the pot is steamed away. After the water is opened, it is transferred to the medium and small fires. The egg pulp is placed, heated and stirred, and it can be completed in about ten minutes.

Step 6
Melt the yeast powder into warm water, and then pour it into the flour. After this step, I like to add an egg and condensed milk, which will make the steamed stuffed bun skin more fragrant and elastic. If I don't like it, I can add an appropriate amount of salt and white granulated sugar without eggs and condensed milk.

Step 7
Add an appropriate amount of warm water and stir evenly.

Step 8
Knead the powder and place it for an hour (it's best to ferment for two hours in cold winter and one hour in hot summer).

Step 9
The fermented flour will be twice as big as the original. Knead it by hand for another five minutes to vent the flour, and then you can wrap milk yellow stuffing.