When it comes to petty bourgeoisie, it’s hard not to think of Shanghai. As a Shanghai Benbang dish, pickled Duxian is the exclusive hometown flavor and warm memory of many Shanghainese. A pickled Duxian with a cup of warm yellow rice wine should restore this spring seasonal dish in cold winter.


500g spring bamboo shoots
150g Bacon
250g streaky pork
200g tofu skin


Step 1
Peel the spring bamboo shoots and blanch them

Step 2
Cut the streaky pork into large pieces and boil it together in cold water

Step 3
Blanch pork with water, remove the blood foam and remove it

Step 4
Prepare a pot of soup in advance. The soup can be boiled with chicken rack or pig bones, or boiled alone

Step 5
The salted meat is also cut into thick slices. Put the salted meat and boiled pork into the soup

Step 6
Cut the spring bamboo shoots into large pieces and put them into the soup. At the same time, add ginger slices

Step 7
Pour in Shaoxing rice wine and ginger slices and simmer over medium low heat for half an hour

Step 8
The bean skin is more resistant to boiling after being buckled. Put the bean skin knot into the soup and simmer over low heat for 1 hour

Step 9
Add shallots and taste the taste. If the taste is light, you can put some salt and enjoy it