Huajia vermicelli is a very famous seafood dish. A large number of minced garlic can completely stimulate the freshness of seafood. This time, I tried to add Xiabu Xiabu seasoning. Unexpectedly, it has enriched the taste level. With fresh shrimp, this ordinary snack has become instantly luxurious!


500g flower beetle
300g fresh shrimp
90g vermicelli (dry)
150g seafood mushroom
50g purple onion
30g garlic
20G millet pepper
10g shallots
5g ginger
100g feeding crayfish
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon cooking wine


Step 1
The flower beetle soaks in light salt water to spit sand

Step 2
Clean the sediment from the shell

Step 3
Cut off the whiskers of fresh shrimp and remove the shrimp line

Step 4
Soak the vermicelli in cold water

Step 5
Clean the seafood mushrooms

Step 6
Boil the carapace in boiling water until the shell is completely opened

Step 7
Remove and rinse in cold water for several times until the sediment is completely cleaned

Step 8
Remove and drain the water for use

Step 9
Diced onion, chopped garlic, chopped scallion, chopped ginger, chopped millet and pepper rings

Step 10
Add enough vegetable oil into the pot, heat until 50% hot, then add minced garlic, stir fry until minced garlic is golden

Step 11
Then add half of the millet and pepper rings, minced ginger and diced onion in turn, and stir fry until fragrant

Step 12
Add the ingredients of sipping crayfish and stir fry evenly

Step 13
Pour in half a bowl of water

Step 14
Turn off the fire after the fire boils

Step 15
Lay tin foil on the baking tray, and then put the soaked vermicelli, seafood mushrooms, fresh shrimp and flower beetle in turn

Step 16
Pour the cooked juice on it and wrap the tin foil

Step 17
Put into the preheated oven and bake at 200 ℃ for 30 minutes

Step 18
Sprinkle the remaining millet, pepper rings and scallions after coming out of the oven