When I didn’t cook in the past, I always thought that white sauce must be bought from outside. Since I learned to prepare white sauce, it’s hard for me whether it’s spaghetti, baked noodles or baked rice. The baked shredded cheese and silky white sauce interweave into a charming taste. In addition, beef with black pepper sauce and broccoli will not be greasy.


200g screw powder
150g beef
80g butter
80g flour
200 ml milk
1 bag of black pepper juice
2 slices of ginger
3 cloves garlic
20G mozzarella cheese
1 broccoli
15 ml vegetable oil


Step 1
First treat the beef, soak the beef in cold water for about 20 minutes, rinse with bleeding water, cut into thin slices, add black pepper juice, ginger slices and garlic slices, and marinate for 30 minutes

Step 2
Pour a little oil into the bottom of the pot and fry the pickled beef over a low heat to prevent splashing after the combination of water and oil from hurting yourself. It is also OK to cut the fried beef into shreds and pieces

Step 3
Cook the pasta and broccoli at the same time. It takes about 20 minutes to cook the pasta. Drain the water and set aside

Step 4
Now prepare the white sauce, heat the butter over a low heat, melt it completely, then gently pour in the flour and mix it slightly until it is completely mixed, and then add the milk in several times. Each time you add it, you need to stir it evenly and multiply it while it is hot. If it is too thick, you can add some more milk to adjust it

Step 5
Add white sauce and mix well

Step 6
Add beef, broccoli and black pepper sauce and mix well

Step 7
Put the mixed ingredients into the baking pan, sprinkle with cheese, heat it in the oven until the surface is brown, 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes, and circulate the hot air