About ten years ago, there was a time when I often worked overtime. Every time I ate, my colleagues would order meat and roast eggplant, saying there were meat and vegetables in it. At that time, I said silently in my heart, change it, even if it was eggplant with minced meat! Ha ha, although it’s just a memory, the stomach was really good at that time! Work overtime, sit in that nest, oil big, hard,… Eat a lot of everything. Now home cooking is less salt and less oil, so the intestines and stomach are comfortable. But I really miss the combination of meat and eggplant, not only the taste, but also the feelings!


1 eggplant (purple skin, long)
Proper amount of minced pork
Proper oil
A little scallion
A little minced garlic
A little bean paste
A little soy sauce
A little sugar
Right amount of carrot


Step 1
Prepare materials, cut eggplant into strips, shred carrot, cut minced garlic and scallion.

Step 2
I use the electric cake stall, brush the oil in the hot pot, and fry the eggplant strips first. At this time, it will be more delicious to put some salt, but I have to put sauce later. I didn't put salt. Less oil and salt is healthier.

Step 3
When the eggplant strip is soft and discolored, it comes out.

Step 4
Then put the minced meat on the electric cake file and stir fry the oil, garlic, soy sauce and shredded carrot. Cooking in the electric cake stall is especially like making Teppanyaki, hee hee.

Step 5
When the shredded carrot is softer, put the previous eggplant in it. Add a little bean paste and sugar, add less water, buckle the cover and stew. Open the cover and sprinkle with scallions. You can get out of the pot by dry soup.