Baked cold noodles, hand cakes, egg buns and pancakes are known as the four heavenly kings of the snack world.


2 egg accessories
2 slices of lettuce
1 ham sausage
2 cold baked noodles
A little edible oil
A little scallion
A little sesame
Right amount of baking cold noodles seasoning


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Unpack the cold noodles, and the seasonings and sauces are all ready

Step 3
Heat the non stick pot and drop a little edible oil

Step 4
Put in a slice of cold noodles

Step 5
Beat an egg on it

Step 6
Spread the egg liquid with a spatula and sprinkle some sesame and scallion

Step 7
When the egg liquid is about to solidify, turn it over in time

Step 8
Spread the tomato paste and cold noodles sauce on the cold noodles

Step 9
Then release lettuce, ham sausage, and sprinkle some self-made seasoning

Step 10
Turn on a small fire and fry for dozens of seconds. I like to eat soft and rotten fried longer

Step 11
Scoop up and fold the bottom layer of cold noodles with a spatula

Step 12
Roll into a roll, turn off the fire, cut into sections and serve while hot. The taste is the best