[dish introduction] salt baked chicken is a well-known traditional dish of Han nationality in Guangdong. It is also one of the local Hakka dishes in Guangdong. It belongs to the Hakka cuisine of Guangdong cuisine. It has become a classic dish at home and abroad, especially in overseas areas where overseas Chinese from Guangdong are concentrated.


Half a chicken
Baking powder with salt
1 green onion
1 piece of ginger


Step 1
Preparation of materials

Step 2
Wash and cut off chicken feet and buttocks

Step 3
Drain the water and add the salt baked chicken powder into the pot

Step 4
Add salt baked chicken powder and massage the whole body of the chicken to make the seasoning more delicious

Step 5
Knead the chicken into the fresh-keeping bag, put into the refrigerator for more than five hours.

Step 6
Take out the pickled chicken and let it dry a little

Step 7
Cut scallion into large sections, slice ginger in the middle

Step 8
Add proper amount of peanut oil (not too much, chicken will produce oil) into the electric rice cooker, and add scallion and ginger slices

Step 9
Pickled chicken, skin down into the electric rice cooker, press to cook

Step 10
Jump to the heat preservation, turn it over and press the key to cook again

Step 11
After heat preservation again, open the cover. You can add some vegetables to the oil from the baked chicken. When you cook, it's another dish

Step 12
It's a little bit cold. You can eat it with your hands