It’s new year’s day. There are not many dishes that can hold the scene. These dishes are not necessarily complicated, time-consuming and laborious. For example, this salt baked chicken is one of the representative dishes in Cantonese cuisine. It has excellent appearance and full flavor. It’s not only delicious, but also warm, nourishing and healthy.


A three yellow chicken
Baked chicken powder with salt
6 Jin sea salt
A little Gardenia powder
A dry casserole
Some baking oil paper


Step 1
Fresh three yellow chicken viscera, wash clean, hang drain water. Jijing weighs about 2.5 Jin.

Step 2
Take a little Gardenia powder the size of mung bean, add a little warm water to boil. Gardenia powder is extracted from Gardenia jasminoides. It is often used by Hakkas to color food and make natural seasoning.

Step 3
Put on disposable gloves and dip in Gardenia water to color the drained chicken.

Step 4
Spread the salt baked chicken powder evenly on the chicken body and the stomach. Marinate for one hour. Don't marinate for more than four hours at most, otherwise the meat will get old. Salt baked chicken powder contains salt. When it is salted, it will come out of water. You can put it in a container with a shelf like me.

Step 5
The pickled chicken is wrapped in baking oil paper with high temperature resistance, and the joint can be stapled with stapler

Step 6
Two more layers.

Step 7
Prepare a clean black music casserole, casserole do not touch the water, wipe clean with a paper towel standby, save busy feet.

Step 8
Stir fry the sea salt in a wear-resistant iron pot. Stir fry the sea salt hot. It can't be replaced by edible fine salt here.

Step 9
Pour the fried sea salt into a casserole, about two to three centimeters thick

Step 10
Put in the wrapped chicken.

Step 11
Pour the remaining salt into the casserole and cover the whole chicken.

Step 12
Cover and heat for 10 minutes, then turn to low heat and heat for 50 minutes.

Step 13
Open the lid, tear open the paper, the smell of salt baked chicken comes out at once

Step 14
If you can't eat it all at once, put it in the microwave oven or heat it in the oven for a few minutes.