The chicken we bought at home was used to make soup or stew. Now with this powerful Kunbo casserole, we decided to change the taste and roast the chicken with salt. 4.6 liters of large capacity baked a whole chicken of about 2 jin, no problem, just to meet the needs of a family of three. The whole process of salt baking is less than an hour, the appearance of the baked chicken is golden and shiny, the meat is fresh and tender, very fragrant.


A chicken
1 bag of salt baking powder
3 Jin crude salt
Two pieces of tin foil


Step 1
Clean the casserole with a wet cloth.

Step 2
A whole chicken is washed and drained.

Step 3
Spread the salt baking powder evenly on the chicken, and also spread the salt baking powder on the chicken cavity. Then put in a few slices of ginger and marinate for more than half an hour.

Step 4
Wrap the whole chicken with two pieces of tin foil, one layer vertically and one layer horizontally.

Step 5
Add 3 Jin salt into the frying pan and fry until yellowish.

Step 6
A third of the salt is at the bottom of the casserole.

Step 7
Put in the wrapped chicken.

Step 8
Then cover the chicken with all the salt.

Step 9
Put the lid on the stove and bake over low heat for 20 minutes. Set the fire to the minimum, put on anti scalding gloves, open the lid, turn the chicken over, bake for 10 minutes, turn off the fire and simmer for 12 minutes.

Step 10
The delicious salt baked chicken is out of the pot. It smells good and dribbles. Pour out the salt in the pot, and don't clean the casserole. Just wipe it with a wet cloth.