When it comes to chicken wings, people don’t like them. They are simple and delicious. They are not tired of eating them anyway. Today, let’s make a baked chicken wing. It tastes great~


6 chicken wings
A little green onion (for marinated chicken wings)
A little cumin powder
A little curry powder
A little cooking wine
A little water
A little sesame oil
A little delicious juice
2 slices of ginger (for marinated chicken wings)
A little garlic (for marinated chicken wings)
2G salt (for marinated chicken wings)
A little cooking wine (for marinating chicken wings)
1 star anise (for fried chicken wings)
2 tablespoons tomato sauce
1 throw oyster sauce
1 throw honey


Step 1
First prepare the ingredients you need in advance.

Step 2
Put a flower knife on the surface of the chicken wings.

Step 3
Then turn the chicken wings upside down and make a slotted flower knife at the bottom. The meat at the bottom is thicker, so it should be drawn as deep as possible. It is convenient to soak the blood and water inside when soaking, and it is also convenient to taste when cooking.

Step 4
After beating the flower knife with chicken wings, add an appropriate amount of water and soak the chicken wings for 30 minutes to remove the blood and water inside.

Step 5
After the chicken wings are soaked, take out the water and drain it. Add green onions, ginger, garlic slices, salt, cooking wine and a little honey. Grab and mix them evenly by hand. Grab and mix them as much as possible for a while, so that the taste of the ingredients can enter the chicken wings to remove the fishy smell of the chicken wings. If you have flower carving wine at home, you can put flower carving wine.

Step 6
After grasping and mixing, put it aside and marinate for 20 minutes.

Step 7
When marinating chicken wings, first prepare the sauce: 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, a little oyster sauce (oyster sauce can be lost), 1 tablespoon of honey, cumin powder (lost), curry powder (lost), cooking wine (a little), water and sesame oil (a little) mix evenly to make the sauce. The consistency of the sauce is slightly higher than that of yogurt.

Step 8
After the chicken wings are cured, wipe the water on the surface with kitchen paper. Be sure to wipe dry to avoid jumping on yourself when frying.

Step 9
Pour a little edible oil into the pot. When the oil temperature is 30 or 40%, fry the chicken wings until the bottom is colored.

Step 10
Turn over and continue to fry until the bottom is colored. The whole process must be the smallest fire.

Step 11
Add a star anise to add flavor.

Step 12
After coloring both sides, put in half of the sauce, cover the cover and simmer for about 2 minutes. Remember to shake the pot in the middle to heat the chicken wings evenly.

Step 13
Then add the rest of the sauce, fry and collect the sauce at the same time.

Step 14
Put it on a plate and put it in the shape you like.