Delicious salt baked chicken can be made at home


Three chicken wings
5 slices of ginger
15g salt baked powder
A spoonful of vegetable oil
How many green onions


Step 1
The materials are ready

Step 2
Wash chicken wings, soak in bleeding water and drain

Step 3
Mix chicken wings with ginger slices and salt baking powder and marinate for half an hour

Step 4
This is pickled

Step 5
Cut ginger into large pieces and scallion into sections

Step 6
Take out the inner liner of the rice cooker, wipe dry the water, pour a spoonful of oil and wipe the bottom of the cooker evenly

Step 7
Spread with ginger slices and scallions

Step 8
Put in the chicken wings

Step 9
Just press the rice steaming button

Step 10
Turn the pan over and steam it in about 15 minutes

Step 11
Continue to salt bake, jump to the heat preservation can be out of the pot, delicious