In addition to making zongzi and porridge, I think the better thing to eat with salted egg yolk is cooking. In particular, there are many classic egg yolk dishes, such as common egg yolk baked pumpkin, egg yolk tofu, salted egg yolk baked pot, etc. I believe many people like to eat it, and they must order it every time they go to the restaurant. Today, I share with you a salted egg yolk baked chicken wing pumpkin, salted egg yolk sand, wrapped with pumpkin and chicken wings. Each bite is full of salty flavor, which is still interesting, so let’s take a look at the specific methods!


6 chicken wings
1 Beibei pumpkin
4 salted egg yolks


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients, thaw the chicken legs in advance, and poke holes with toothpicks or forks to taste conveniently. Then peel the pumpkin, take out the inner flesh, clean it, cut it into small pieces, and finally take out the salted egg yolk;

Step 2
Add a few slices of ginger, 1 tablespoon cooking wine, 2 tablespoons raw soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, an appropriate amount of black pepper and a little salt to the chicken wings, and marinate them for about 1 hour to make the chicken wings taste fully;

Step 3
Add a little salt to Beibei pumpkin and mix it evenly. On the one hand, increase the bottom taste of pumpkin, on the other hand, marinate the pumpkin out of water to make it taste better;

Step 4
Roll the salted egg yolk with a rolling pin; If you are afraid of fishy, you can spray a little Baijiu into the salted egg yolk and put it into the oven for 180 minutes for 8 minutes. If you don't have an oven, you can stew the salted egg yolk in a steamer for a while.

Step 5
Mix the flour and corn starch 1:1 evenly, then put the chicken wings into the powder mixture one by one, and wrap a layer of powder evenly;

Step 6
Pumpkin is also the same operation, evenly coated with a layer of powder;

Step 7
Start the pot, pour a little more edible oil into the pot, heat until bubbling, put chicken wings and pumpkin pieces, continue to fry slowly over medium and low heat until the surface is golden, and then control the oil out of the pot;

Step 8
Increase the firepower, heat the oil, put it into pumpkin blocks and chicken wings for re frying, fry for about 20 ~ 30 seconds, and then control the oil again to remove it;

Step 9
Start the pot, pour in a little edible oil, pour in the "broken salted egg yolk", stir fry over medium and low heat until bubbling, add a little sugar and stir evenly; If the salted egg yolk is not salty enough, add a little salt;

Step 10
Finally, put it into the fried salted egg yolk and chicken wings, turn and mix evenly, and then put it into a plate and take it out of the pot;