The drumsticks were bought in the supermarket. They were frozen out of the refrigerator, so they were soaked in water for a while. Then start the specific operation, feeding, baking, and finally a word to eat. ha-ha


Three chicken legs
A little raw
Appropriate amount of ginger slices
Some scallion
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
A little salt
20 ml cooking wine
50g crude salt


Step 1
Cut the thick part of the soaked chicken leg to make it taste better.

Step 2
Add all the excipients in turn, and then stir evenly by hand.

Step 3
After marinating for an hour, remove the seasoning. Try to dry the surface with absorbent paper. Then wrap the drumsticks with oil absorbent paper.

Step 4
Sprinkle the tin foil with coarse salt and wrap the oil absorption paper tightly inside.

Step 5
Put it into the oven and bake directly [upper tube temperature 0, lower tube 200]

Step 6
After half an hour, take out the drumsticks from the oil absorption paper and put them in the oven to continue. The upper and lower tube temperature can be controlled at about 200.

Step 7
About 20%, basically colored, ha ha