The temperature and time of the oven can be controlled to ensure that the nutrition in the baby food is not lost to the greatest extent. The baby food is filled in a baking bowl. The vegetable soup and seasoning can be perfectly combined. The taste is no different from that made in a frying pan, but it is lower in fat and healthier, and it is still cooking without oil fume.


200g baby vegetable
15g garlic
2 tsp oyster sauce
Proper amount of salt
1 millet pepper
A little shallot


Step 1
Baby vegetable oil clean, cut into four pieces.

Step 2
Peel garlic, wash and mince. Mince millet, pepper and chives. Set aside.

Step 3
Add minced garlic to oyster sauce, then add salt and an appropriate amount of water to make a uniform sauce.

Step 4
Evenly stack baby vegetables in a baking bowl and pour the sauce.

Step 5
Put it in the middle of the preheated oven, bake it at 160 ℃ for 12 minutes, sprinkle millet pepper and scallion after coming out of the oven.