The implication is very good. I like the auspicious names of dishes in the new year. This time, add some glutinous rice and quail eggs to the dish, which can be used as rice. This is an improved recipe. With quail eggs and glutinous rice, the steamed rolls will not collapse and shrivel because the meat is cooked. This is the highlight of the dish! It’s not greasy and delicious. Like friends can try to do it once. In particular, it’s good to eat for children, and the nutrition of glutinous rice is also good.


5 slices of cabbage
Appropriate amount of glutinous rice
Proper meat filling
Proper cooked quail eggs


Step 1
Prepare the main ingredients and start cooking when you are ready.

Step 2
Choose the cabbage leaves with complete and wide leaves, and the one with green is better. In this way, the package is strict, and it looks good when steamed.

Step 3
Wash the cabbage and blanch it in boiling water, so that the cabbage leaves are softer.

Step 4
Lay the boiled cabbage leaves on the side of the vegetable board, and put a spoonful of soaked glutinous rice, so that the glutinous rice will absorb oil.

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of meat stuffing and quail eggs on the glutinous rice.

Step 6
Then roll it up at the bottom of the cabbage leaves. Note that the two sides have to be folded in. In a word, the package is tighter.

Step 7
Put the wrapped cabbage on the plate and don't move it.

Step 8
Put it on the drawer and steam for about 15 minutes.