Bacon said: cheese (knowledge) is power.


250g high gluten flour
50g rye flour
190g water
4 g salt
15g sugar
15g milk powder
5 g dry yeast
20G butter
4 pieces of Bacon (filling)
200g mozzarella cheese (filling)
Moderate amount of low gluten flour (for decoration)


Step 1
After the oil method, knead the dough to the full expansion stage, and put it in a warm place for basic fermentation

Step 2
When fermenting, prepare the stuffing, chop the mozzarella cheese and bacon, set aside

Step 3
The temperature is very good, and the fermentation is very fast. Dip your fingers in the dry powder and poke the dough. If you don't retract or collapse, the fermentation is finished ~ ~ Lala ~ ~ go and poke the belly button of the dough~

Step 4
Take out the fermented dough, exhaust, divide it into eight parts, cover it with plastic wrap, wake up at room temperature for 15 minutes ~ ~ be patient ~ wake up in the middle is very important for bread ~ ~ very important ~ ~ very important ~ ~ en ~ say important things three times~~

Step 5
Roll out the dough, pack in the right amount of stuffing, and pinch it tightly at the mouth

Step 6
Wrap them all, close them down and put them in the baking pan

Step 7
Put a bowl of hot water in the oven. OK, I put two bowls of hot water in the oven

Step 8
Take out the bread~

Step 9
Eat while it's hot~~