It’s a wonderful combination of radish, bacon, glutinous rice and glutinous rice noodles. I like the taste of radish cake. It’s fragrant and glutinous. The delicacy of Cantonese dim sum is extraordinary. There are too many classic delicacies to taste.


1000g white radish
120g sticky rice noodles
120g corn starch
240 g water
8 g salt
100g Bacon
20g Haimi
30g sugar
20G oil
4 g pepper


Step 1
Rub the white radish and steam for 20 minutes.

Step 2
Add seasoning and powder evenly, add water.

Step 3
Fried sea rice bacon with water.

Step 4
Mix hot radish with paste.

Step 5
Add the bacon.

Step 6
Oil the steaming box and pour in the rice paste.

Step 7
Steam for 90 minutes, cool and pour out.

Step 8
Cut into pieces.

Step 9
Fried, brown on both sides.

Step 10