On rainy spring days, buy about half a kilo of sandwich pork and make dumplings. First, I want to eat dumplings. Second, the new bear and noodle machine are still strange. They beat drums when they have a little time. Sure enough, it’s much easier! The filling is very simple, but the seasoning is very successful. My character baby thinks it’s just right. Usually only know to eat ready-made people. This time, it’s commendable to help me read the instructions and chop the meat for me. When he arrived, he said, “Mom, the dumplings are a little too big.” Hehe, isn’t it possible to pack less and save some time? After the community meeting, I volunteered for a while. When I bought pork and rushed home, it was time for my usual dinner.


400g pork
150g baby vegetable
200g high gluten flour
Proper amount of salt
A little cooking wine
A little white pepper


Step 1
Food map

Step 2
Press the bear dough mixer onto the irregular dough bar (also known as hook mixer)

Step 3
Pour the flour and water into the stainless steel bucket, add less water first, add it as appropriate according to the situation, and stir it into flocs with chopsticks

Step 4
Switch on the power and select gears 1-2. (at first, I counted five minutes, stopped and observed. Finally, I forgot several five minutes.)

Step 5
At this time, rinse the pork and baby vegetables

Step 6
My family's character baby helped me chop the stuffing, add two teaspoons of salt, a little white pepper and a little cooking wine

Step 7
Stir in one direction to form a filling

Step 8
After the dumpling noodles are finished, divide 20 preparations on the panel and press flat

Step 9
Roll into dumpling skins

Step 10
Start making dumplings

Step 11
It's all wrapped up

Step 12
Boil water in a soup pot, add a little salt, put down 10 dumplings, roll them, add cold water, and then boil them

Step 13
Take it out of the plate, dip it in your favorite seasoning and eat it while it's hot