Cantonese cuisine


Two bundles of baby vegetables
Moderate pumpkin
A box of Shanhaiguan tofu
A handful of medlar
3 ~ 4 cloves garlic
Ten tricholomas
A bundle of vermicelli
A box of half thick soup treasure


Step 1
First of all, explain the cutting method of a baby dish in the figure below. I'm wrong here. I should cut the whole baby dish into vertical strips with a vertical knife. I cut it here for personal reasons. When choosing authentic baby dishes, it's better to choose the one with small head and strong hand. If it's loose, it may be filled with Chinese cabbage core.

Step 2
Wash the medlar and soak the hair with water. Because there is no pumpkin and ham, I change it into a box of Shanhaiguan tofu with my own taste. I don't need to chop and slide a few knives. I can chop garlic and touch it for use. Cook all the mushrooms in a soy pot with water for half. Pour out the first time. Cook the vermicelli with boiling water for use

Step 3
After the pot is hot, pour a little oil into the pot, use the garlic pan, pour in the mushroom, stir fry for a while, then add a box of semi thick soup treasure, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot, wait for the water to boil, pour in the baby vegetable to cook for a while, then pour in Shanhaiguan and vermicelli, and turn off the fire after a minute or two

Step 4
Make a snack that likes to eat and can cook ☞