See a lot of people do, I also tried to do a good fragrance


1 liang of glutinous rice
2 walnuts
10 raisins
10 peanuts
2 red dates
3 dried longan
10 cherries
10g orange
4 eggs
4 sheets of tin foil
2000 g water


Step 1
Prepare chopped peanuts, walnuts, etc

Step 2
Cherries don't have to be cut. Decorate one after loading

Step 3
Soak the chopped orange glutinous rice for 2 hours and mix well with these ingredients

Step 4
Cut a small hole in the egg with scissors, put the egg liquid everywhere and start loading glutinous rice. After loading an egg, put a cherry

Step 5
Prepare tin foil

Step 6
Wrap the eggs in tin foil

Step 7
Steam for 1 hour

Step 8
One hour later, the tempting Babao egg succeeded