Authentic Sichuan cuisine of boiled beef


800g hind leg beef
20G pepper
10g ginger
10g dried pepper
5g garlic
100g soybean sprouts
100g ham sausage
20G watercress
10g shallot
400g oil
1 egg
5ml cooking wine


Step 1
Beef knife (transverse to beef grain) cut into thin slices, about 50mm wide and 70mm long. Plate. Then add raw powder, up to 5 grams of sweet potato powder, salt, 5 grams of pepper, 5 grams of chicken powder, an appropriate amount of cooking wine and egg white. Especially don't forget to refuel 20 grams. Mix well. Stand by. Generally, no water is added, and the beef is heavy in water

Step 2
Effect after sizing

Step 3
Sliced ham, sliced chili, sliced ginger, diced garlic

Step 4
Heat the pot, stir fry the next half of the dried pepper until fragrant, and chop it into small pieces. This is sweet. Cut the scallions into small pieces.

Step 5
While cutting the seasoning, boil the water. After the water boils, blanch the bean sprouts and favorite vegetables and put them in the large plate. Note that the dishes should not be too much, otherwise the taste will not be strong.

Step 6
Wash the pot and fire. After the pot is hot, pour about 150g of oil. When the oil emits a small amount of green smoke and the oil is 6 mature, put pepper in it, and then put ginger, garlic and pepper sections. Move quickly to prevent burning. Stir fry for 2 times. After the flavor is strong, put 2 spoons of bean paste into it to form red oil and strong flavor. Add 400g of high soup or water. After boiling. Add an appropriate amount of chicken essence. Taste it. Generally no salt is added. If you eat salty, you can add a little salt. After the taste is good. Grab the battered meat pieces a few more times. Then put them into the pot one by one. Immediately push it with a spatula after it is released. Add sliced ham and cook for 2 minutes. Remove and put it on the boiled dish, and then pour the soup on the sliced meat. Finally, put the sliced dry pepper on the meat. There's only one last step to success.

Step 7
Heat up about 100g of oil, smoke, pour it on dry pepper slices, and put scallions on it. Meimei's boiled beef is finished.

Step 8