Maoshi braised meat, also known as maojia braised meat, is a famous dish of Han nationality with complete color, aroma and belongs to Hunan cuisine.


1000 grams of streaky pork
30g granulated sugar
10 g vegetable oil
20G cooking wine
2 pieces of cinnamon
10g shredded ginger
10g shredded green onion
1 pot of boiling water
Four star anise
10 g salt
5g chicken essence


Step 1
Wash the pork with cold water and cut it into 7-8 cm cubes with even size.

Step 2
Put the meat into the pot with good water, note: be sure to use cold water meat, after boiling water, use chopsticks to roll back on all sides, heat evenly on all sides, cook for 20-25 minutes, then use chopsticks to prick thoroughly.

Step 3
If you put a little vegetable oil in the pot, it must be less, because frying meat is to let some of the oil flow out of the meat. I suggest that you'd better use the frying pot, which is convenient and fast. Frying meat is a very important step in the process of suffering, facing the risk of oil collapse, so we should pay attention to safety. It's very serious that the oil collapse in the non stick pot. It's recommended not to use the non stick pot. Fry out of the oil at any time into a small bowl, later can be used to stir fry, very fragrant.

Step 4
The four sides of the meat to be fried should be golden, reduced to 5-6cm square, and the plate should be used. Leave a little oil in the pan.

Step 5
Boiling syrup is the most important step in the success or failure of this dish. Start another pot and light the fire. Don't make it too big. Put white sugar in the dry pot. (it's my experience to put a kilo of meat in a small bowl. It's not good-looking for your dish). Turn it over a few times and pour in water. Don't use too much water. Then stir it in one direction. If you feel that the water evaporates too fast, you can put a little less to boil until the syrup turns yellow, Finally, after filling in a little water, you will find that the magic syrup color instantly becomes golden.

Step 6
Syrup forgot to take a picture. It's similar to this color. Boiling syrup is a very difficult process. It can't be too bitter and the color is beautiful. It's a great test of your ability and skills. It's all experience... As long as you cook it successfully, you'll make more than half of it....

Step 7
Stir fry the scallion, ginger, cinnamon and star anise.

Step 8
Then add the meat and stir fry a few times. Pour the syrup evenly into the meat and stir fry a few times.

Step 9
Then put in a little boiling water, here is also fastidious, must put in boiling water, keep the water in the pot is always rolling state, must put a little bit.

Step 10
Put a little boiling water in the casserole, put the meat into the casserole, put the rest of the soup into the casserole, and then pour the meat into the cooking wine. The amount of cooking wine is as much as that of thin sugar. Simmer over low heat for one hour, turn several times, no more than 3 times, subject to three times.

Step 11
Don't put the salt too early, or the lean meat will harden easily. After stewing for one hour, put the salt and turn it a few times. After stewing for 45 minutes, put chicken essence or monosodium glutamate. Out of the pot.

Step 12
The stewed meat is bright in color, delicious in quality, fat but not greasy. Come and enjoy the fruits of your labor. After the pot, you can put a few pieces of coriander leaves on the meat to increase the aesthetic feeling.