The official account of WeChat, “baby nutrition and complementary food”, has included 500 nutritious food that I have done for my baby. I have these 500 complementary food recipes, and I am no longer worried about what the baby eats. Xiao Si will share the baby’s complementary food in this official account for 6-24 months.


85g yam
25g carrot
25g peas
1 egg
2 drops of linseed oil


Step 1
Ingredients: 85g yam, 25g carrot, 25g pea and 1 egg.

Step 2
Cut the yam into small pieces, steam it on the steamer for 15 minutes, and steam the yam.

Step 3
Peel the Steamed Yam.

Step 4
Press the yam into mud with a spoon.

Step 5
Dice the carrot.

Step 6
Blanch diced carrots in boiling water.

Step 7
Remove the boiled diced carrots, drain and set aside.

Step 8
Separate the egg white from the egg yolk and take the egg yolk. If your baby is not allergic to egg white, you can use whole eggs.

Step 9
Stir the egg yolk into egg yolk liquid.

Step 10
Brush a little oil on the pot.

Step 11
Add boiled chopped carrots and cooked peas.

Step 12
Then add 100g water into the pot and bring to a boil over low heat.

Step 13
Add yam paste to the pot.

Step 14
Stir fry continuously until the water is drained and stir fry into uniform yam mud.

Step 15
Finally, pour the egg yolk into the pot.

Step 16
Then stir fry the egg yolk and yam evenly.

Step 17
Finally, add 2 drops of flaxseed oil to the yam mud. Stir fry and serve evenly, or make a shape like the one below.

Step 18
Babies less than 12 months old can use it as a meal, but babies over one year old can use it to make a dish and replace some staple foods.