In addition to the plant gum beneficial to human body, Auricularia auricula also contains a substance called polysaccharide, which is a natural tonic. Together with the cellulose in Auricularia auricula, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, help the timely removal and elimination of toxic and harmful substances in the body, promote the excretion of intestinal food and reduce the absorption of fat in food, So as to prevent obesity and weight loss.


1 cucumber
1 onion
3 pieces of dried incense
7g black fungus (dry)
1 Xiaomi spicy
20ml organic brown rice vinegar
5ml June fresh super sauce
5g weidamei oyster sauce
15g sugar
1g chicken powder
Proper amount of cooked sesame
Proper pepper oil


Step 1
Prepare ingredients. Soak black fungus with starch and sugar in warm water for 1 hour until it rises

Step 2
Wash the expanded black fungus and scald it in boiling water

Step 3
Wash the cucumber, pat it with the back of the knife and cut it into large pieces

Step 4
Remove the old skin from the onion and cut it into triangular pieces

Step 5
Slice the dried tobacco into small pieces

Step 6
Cut millet pepper into rings and garlic into pieces

Step 7
Add heran organic brown rice vinegar, June fresh super sauce and weidamei Zhenpin oyster sauce to the bowl

Step 8
Add sugar, chicken powder, chili rings, chopped garlic and cooked sesame

Step 9
Pour in a spoonful of hot pepper oil and mix well

Step 10
Mix all ingredients together.